Unique Charcacteristics of our carpets:

1-Using hand-spun threads:

The use of hand-spun threads as raw material distinguishes  Qashqaibaf Mohammadi carpets from others. There are several technical reasons behind this:

  1. Due to its natural elasticity, wool can be spun 30,000 times without showing any damages.
  2. Due to its antistatic quality, wool is not prone to attract electrically charged particles, hence it remains cleaner.
  3. As wool absorbs moisture and lets it evaporate at the changes of humidity and temperature, it remains warm in cold seasons and cool in warm seasons.
  4. Wool also naturally relieves pain and improves blood circulation;
  5. Wool’s safety privilege is that it is combustion-resistant, so it does not flare up nor does it melt down and stick to human skin at high temperatures.
  6. Most importantly, it establishes a strong harmony between man and nature.


Hand-spun wool preserves its natural qualities. This is the reason why the carpets woven out of hand spun threads and naturally dyed outstand as a natural spirit and vigor runs through them. This is besides other numerous merits including their wear resistance, long lifetime, increasingly elegant aging.

This is whole the complicated spinning and dyeing procedures have persuaded most producers to resort to mechanically mass-produced threads despite the fact that they not go with the spirit of oriental carpets. However, Qashqaibaf Mohammadi company is among the few producers committed to producing carpets out of using hand-spun threads by relying on its team of Nomadic Weavers. This has brought us several distinctions and awards.

2- Precise Production Process:

In the past, local Nomadic weavers wove their carpets in styles inspired by their natural surroundings. These carpets were meant to be used by their families and at their own homes. This was until they found out their art can serve as a medium to express their feelings and concerns well beyond their immediate community. So, these Nomadic Weavers pioneered to open new vistas to reach out to other cultures and nations.

A majority of our carpets are woven by Nomadic women in rural areas who not only have found an opportunity to express themselves through their artistic productions but also they are economically and socially empowered and liberated by this means. Qashqaibaf Mohammadi company has been committed in creating and maintaining vocational and economic opportunities for local Nomadic weavers by establishing several workshops in different villages to serve the local community.

A Nomadic weaver used to start her creation on receiving her raw material including naturally dyed, hand-spun threads at her poorly facilitated home that featured nothing but a loom. But our attempts have made their tasks much easier and more enjoyable by providing required facilities including standard lighting, ergonomically approved tools, health care and safety. Alongside community consolidation and promotion of local cultures, our workshops also ensure the highest production quality, quality control and customization of our products to the orders we received from our customers.

3-Completely Natural Dyeing:

Besides the styles, distinct dyeing quality is a defining feature of Iranian carpets. Enchanting natural colors invite the onlooker to participate in the creative perception of carpet’s dynamic beauty. Because of their vagrant lifestyle, they turned to plants like pomegranate peel, walnut peel, madder, Prangos ferulaceae, and animals such as pigment insects to dye wool. Environmental sustainability, biocompatibility, stability and resistance to discoloration distinguish natural dyes.


4-Washing and trimming: 

Trimming is a vital part of production where it is ensured that all ties in a fully woven carpet are of the same length. This is an extremely sensitive stage requiring great care and expertise as the slights mistake can totally ruin several months’ worth of incessant effort.

After trimming, the carpet is washed and rinsed so that dust particles are removed and natural hues can stand out. It is then exposed to direct sunlight and left to dry. This process further stabilizes all colors. This is followed by yet another stage of trimming for precision, washing and drying. This meticulous process makes sure the style and hues shine out at their brightest in the final product. The arduous production process end with adding final touches on the margins of the carpet.