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Qashqaibaf Mohammadi

When we started the production of Qashqai carpets many years ago, Qashqai hand-woven carpets had been undergoing a hard time. The heritage of many generations had an obscure stance as apocryphal patterns and styles, chemical dyes, machine-spun threats, and low weaving quality were eroding the authentic identity and wild soul of Qashqai carpets. We made every effort to revive this community art by revitalizing its traditional production process: the tribe’s craftswomen spun threats from sheep wool that were later dyed naturally by their dexterous hands, and genuine styles and patterns were revisited to resurrect Qashqai carpets. Qashqaibaf Mohammadi company is the result of the efforts of men and women are trying hard to not allow Qashqai carpet as a sublime ethnic value to be forgotten with the passage of time….

Company Timeline

The first steps in weaving Qashqai carpets marked the beginning of a new movement that resulted in winning the top rank statue by the company; a difficult path that is summarized here:

  • Our first hand-woven carpet in 1989
  • reviving original styles in 1989
  • Planning to launch mass production and introducing Qashqai carpets to international markets in 1989
  • Our first expansion throughout the villages of Fars Province (1992)
  • Substituting traditional handicraft for mechanical production (1993)
  • Cooperating with wool spinners, dyers and weavers to increase production quality (1993)
  • Achieving the highest possible standards in the last three decades (1996)
  • Expanding the network of our nomadic weavers over the Province (1998)
  • Invention of a novel method to dye wool (1999)
  • Adjusting the production process compatible with international standards(STEP) and compliance with labor law(not using child labor) in 2003
  • Establishing Qashqaibaf Mohammadi (2006)
  • The purchase of land in industrial zone and constructing the office, warehouse, and dyeing unit in 2007
  • Operating the dyeing unit to procure raw materials for dyed fibers in 2007
  • Providing the possibility of higher quality monitoring of the dyeing process in the same year(it is worth noting that the dyeing unit is able to dye threats with high quality by using natural materials and modern techniques and this is one of the great achievements of the company)
  • Winning the first prize for the best rural and comtemporary Handwoven carpet, Tehran International Exhibition, (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Maintaining strong academic relations and offering opportunities for students interested in Handwoven carpets
  • Launching two new departments at Qashqaibaf Mohammadi company in order to excel at production (2015)
  • Incessant attempts to improve production materials and processes to ensure highest customer satisfaction

Our Team

Mohammad Saleh Mohammadi
Digital Marketing/Quality Manager
Sadegh Mohammadi
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Changiz Mohammadi
Chief Officer
Ehsan Mohammadi
Int. Sales Manager

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Our life-time support exists as long as Qashqai carpets exist.

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Winner of several carpet design awards from national  festival of  top hand-woven carpets


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One of the most respected carpet producers in Iran.

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